Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The True Meaning of Chutzpah

Chutzpah is like a two edged sword. The Yiddish word chutzpah is usually used to describe someone who has nerve and is extremely arrogant . The common example is a man who murders his mother and then pleads for mercy since he is now an orphan. This defininition illustrates the negative meaning of chutzpah. However, chutzpah also has a positive side. It alludes to the idea of having extreme self- confidence. Self-confidence is a necessary attribute for getting ahead in life. It is necessary for success in school, family, and work. More significantly, a man or woman with chutzpah will do what is morally right even when there is great opposition from friends, relatives , classmates or colleagues. Thus, chutzpah has positive and negative attributes. The chutzpah we cultivate and express will significantly affect our lives and the lives of those around us.

Assignment 3

Good Morning students! Today's assignment involves writing another definition paragragh. This time, I would like you to choose a word from your culture. You can choose a word relating to relationships, food, objects,places, or situations. Define the word. Tell its true meaning and importance. Give examples. I am looking forward to reading your paragraphs and learning something about your culture.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Assignment 2

Good morning students! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day, and are still in the mood to write about love.Today, I would like you to write a definition paragragh on the topic " The True Meaning of Love." Be sure to include the dictionary definition of "love" and show how this definition is inadequate. I look forward to reading your insightful paragraghs on a subject that is close to my heart. Have fun writing!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Assignment 1: A Miracle

Good morning students. I’d like to share a true story with you, which illustrates the true meaning of the word “miracle”. After you have read the story, please comment on it, and then write a story on your blog . Your story can define a word or relate a personal experience that taught you something.

Many years ago a very young girl had a brother who was very sick. He had a brain tumor and needed an operation immediately or he would die. One day, the young girl overheard her mother tell her father that the only thing that could save their sick son was a miracle. Being only five years old, she did not comprehend the full meaning of the word “miracle”. She assumed it was a kind of medicine. The young girl decided to take matters into her own hands and help her dying brother. She gathered her savings of one dollar and seventy-five cents from her Elma Fudd piggy bank, and went to the neighborhood drugstore. She approached the druggist who was busy talking to his brother, who had just arrived from out of town. The Little girl politely interrupted their conversation and asked to purchase some miracle for her dying brother. Touched by the young girl’s innocence and sincerity, the druggist’s brother accompanied her home. After hearing the details from the young child’s parents, he introduced himself and said that he would help. The druggist’s brother was in fact a world-renowned brain surgeon. A week later, he performed the operation and saved the dying boy’s life. His only payment was the joy of giving the young girl a miracle.